100 Years / 2 Pandemics

1918 till 2020. How well did we prepare ourselves to protect humanity?

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Death tolls that affected Earth population.

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There was no telecommuting (work from home!)

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The condition for hospitals was much different.

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So, are you working from home or do you wish you go back to working from the office?!


During the current COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak in 2020, the first time ever humanity was challenged to work remotely with no alternative choices. Thanks to technology, all office work is not affected but the fieldwork is much affected.

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Generally, business-to-business companies are most affected by the crisis than businesses who deal directly with end-users and customers. As for media and communications agencies, we invested late February to advise our clients regarding COVID-19 outbreak then at the time being we are advising our clients with plans for the post-outbreak. Thus, it is mostly a consultation time. Let’s update you in general how COVID-19 crisis affected the media in Iraq:

  1. Field service, out-of-home advertising, events management and experiential marketing: the most affected because of the curfew. You can add radio and print ads to that category too.
  2. TV and social media are not the best too. Big brands are investing the TV to showcase their response to the crisis while social media is being very critical since most of the audience feed is all about COVID, the uprisings, the governmental reforms and the oil prices.
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Finally, we highly appreciate world leaders who act responsibly to support the sector, check the next video:

Stay safe and wash your hands. Be positive because immunity is stress-free!